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Flu Vaccinations


One of the most important steps you could take to stay healthy this winter is to get a flu vaccination. Fallons Pharmacy has been providing this service for the past 6 years. Patients are invited to make an appointment at their convenience, and receive the vaccine in the pharmacy. 



Update on Availability 

Unfortunately, there is a huge shortage of vaccines this year in Europe, and the amount of vaccines made available to us by the HSE and private suppliers is totally inadequate to meet unprecedented demand. As a result, we haven’t been in contact with many patients who have booked in as we didn’t have a vaccine to offer. Deliveries for the next month are also very limited so it is likely to be mid to late November before we know if we will get sufficient supplies. We apologize for this delay, and for not contacting patients sooner. We are still trying to source supplies, but in the meantime, if patients succeed in getting a vaccine elsewhere, please let us know. If you have a particular medical need for vaccination immediately, please contact us and we will try to prioritize you. Thanking you for your understanding. 


Who should get a vaccine 

Everyone should consider being vaccinated, but at-risk patients will get the vaccine for FREE.  These include: 

  • Those over 65. 

  • Those aged between 2 and 12 (available in late October). 

  • Those with certain long term medical conditions. 

  • Those living with, or caring for, at-risk patients, either in a professional or voluntary basis. 

  • Pregnant women.

How to arrange a vaccine 

Booking is now available, and vaccinations will take place from October 1st. 

1. Contact us to make a booking.  We will need your name and telephone number.     

2. The pharmacist will contact you to arrange an appointment, and to complete a medical questionnaire. 

3. The pharmacist will advise you if you qualify for a free vaccine. 

4. Call into the pharmacy at your appointed time.  There will be procedures in place to protect you and us from the risk of     contracting Covid 19, and we will tell you about those during the phone conversation. 


How to contact us 

  • Phone us on 056-778007 

  • Email us using the contact form at the bottom of this page 

  • Call in to the pharmacy 


Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, vaccination is only available by appointment, but we will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.    


To prepare for the consultation, and save time for you, patients can download and complete the questionnaire by clicking the button below. The completed questionnaire can be emailed to us (please contact us and we will advise on a suitable email address).   

Further information on the vaccine can be viewed by clicking on the Vaccine Information button below. 


Vaccine info website: 

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